Bad Root Structure Is A Hidden Loss

With too much weight on your row units, you get compacted roots. With too little, you get seeds too close to the surface.

But when your down force matches field conditions, you maintain the right depth and create a just-right seed environment for maximum yield.

AirForce enables just that, automatically & continuously.

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Instantaneous and automatic increase or reduction in down force as needed.

AirForce continuously adjusts the applied down force to changing soil types by changing the pressure in your air bags as conditions and hopper weights change, so you maintain proper depth. It’s configured specifically for your planter (Deere, CNH, White, Kinze), with lift or lift and down air bags.

All you have to do is select the control for your field and conditions. You’ll ensure consistent and correct down force. You’ll avoid sidewall compaction. You’ll encourage the uniform germination that gets the most out of every seed. And you’ll produce a better yield.

Two Airbags – Lift and Down Pressure

Ensuring the exact seed placement every time.

One Piece Pressure

All-in-one tank and a high duty-cycle compressor.

Planterwide, bonafide control gets the right down force for the best seed environment.

Get planter-wide down force control that will take you through the hard spots.

Take the guesswork out of down force management, quickly.

Root compaction is a big deal, and can really cut your yield. AirForce takes readings from weigh pins into SeedSense, teaming with FieldView, and uses air to automatically increase or decrease the weight on planter row units — so you get the right amount of down force for each and every condition, and the best seed environment.

Your existing air bags and all planter types work with AirForce, so you can upgrade your planter and take the guesswork out of down force management.