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FieldView captures and stores all your data and accurate, high-resolution maps.

What do those maps tell you? Everything you want to know about every pass, every row, every foot. They tell you what you can do to improve your performance. 

Was the spacing as good as it can get? Did singulation swing on your triple stack? How did your hybrids compare? How did that clay knob affect down force? 

Add your own field notes, photos, anything. You’ll have the ideal scouting tool. You’ll learn more, you’ll understand more. You’ll build on that. You’ll realize your best possible yields.

Your Field in High Definition

FieldView is the HD mapping, take-anywhere, accessible and actionable tool for your fields.

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RealTime, HD Maps

FieldView shows you exactly what you’re planting, how you’re planting, as you’re planting it, in high definition. 

Pick out patterns that would be impossible to identify with data alone. 

Suddenly, detailed data is now accessible and actionable with maps and simple reports.

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Compare & Contrast, Visually

See patterns in your field that you couldn’t see with raw data alone. 

Speed & Down Force. Hybrid A & Hybrid B. Population & Yield. Is there a correlation? Take a look — you’ll be amazed at the insights you gain.


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See What Matters

FieldView’s reports bring relevancy to all the summaries you see. 

Prioritize items you want to look through, in simple reports that bring clarity to planter data. Diagnose planter issues while in the field — and fix them.

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Customizable Notifications & Alerts

No matter where you are, you can be in the know. 

Every hour? Every day? Every time you change fields? It’s up to you — whenever you want a summarized report of planter performance. 

Text alerts let you know when something goes wrong, but you define what wrong is. Singulation below 98%? Speed over 8 MPH? Even when you aren’t in the cab, you’ll know when a threshold is crossed.

FieldView capabilities, and results in the field.

SeedSense & FieldView combine for real-time, go-anywhere maps and data.

Better decisions for your operation, anytime, anywhere.

SeedSense has everything you’d want to know about your planter’s performance on screen, and it’s easy to navigate with intuitive touch points.

FieldView takes information from your SeedSense and conveys it through instant, high-definition maps. This unprecedented view allows you to manage your planter with a complete vision of what your planter is doing.

Plus, all of your data can go anywhere on your iPad® tablet. Scouting, to the office, to show to others in your operation — anytime, anywhere.