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Improve planter performance where it
counts – in the meter.

Ordinary finger meters have a hard time singulating, especially with a wide variety of seeds. They’ll miss one, then grab two, resulting in skips and doubles. That not only wastes seeds, it cuts your yield.

Because the components all mesh perfectly, PrecisionMeter holds one seed at a time, then release it. They’re engineered and built to do it again and again. You’ll see fewer skips and doubles – and higher yield.

If you don’t need a whole new meter, you can still improve your spacing with PrecisionMeter belts, backing plates or finger sets. Your Precision Planting dealer can test your meters and recommend upgrades.


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SureFire Seed Belt

The seed belt in your finger meter is often ignored. The belt has a very important job. After the fingers have singulated a seed, the belt has to deliver that seed to the seed tube. The seed needs to be released consistently so that each seed follows the same trajectory down the tube. Current belts hand off the seed on the right, center or left side of the seed tube.

Outstanding Handoff

The “hand-off” between the meter and the seed tube is critical for proper spacing.


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SkipStop Metal Cover

Seed ricochet causes skips:

1 – seeds are ejected into the belt housing
2 – they bounce, rattle and roll inside the chamber
3 – often, they ricochet back, causing a skip

Eliminate Seed Bounce

Seeds hit the cushion and drop onto the seed belt for delivery to the seed tube.


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This backing plate has big advantages over metal plates. It’s flatter – eliminating the skips that occur as fingers rock and roll over the warped spots on stamped metal plates. It matches seed size – swap inserts and you can change the aggressiveness of the backing plate to match flats and rounds. The smaller exit hole reduces the chances that seeds can ricochet back into the meter.

Seed Variation Friendly

Accommodate different inserts for different seeds and crops.


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Adjustable Brush

For small seeds, just adjust the brush closer to the base of the backing plate. That way the brush aggressively reaches under the finger to reduce doubles. Then for larger seeds, adjust the brush away from the base of the backing plate. Now, the softer brush isn’t overly aggressive which can cause skips.

Revolutionizing Seed Metering

Quickly and easily change the characteristics of your meter to match your seeds.


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Precision Fingers

Using a high speed camera, we saw:

1 – existing fingers allowed flat seeds to escape
2 – seeds can get pinched against the outer wall
3 – round seeds can cluster under a finger

Precision Fingers fix all these critical issues.

A Fresh Look At The Fingers

Consistent tension, better support, new contour, and extended life.