• Good Drought Tolerance
• Excellent Yield Potential
• Very Good Winter Hardiness
• Good Disease Package
Plant Height: Medium-Tall
Maturity: Medium
Standability: Very Good
Test Weight: Very Good
Winter Hardiness: Very Good
Milling/Baking Quality: Very Good
Pest and/or Disease Profile
Barley Yellow Dwarf - 6
Leaf Rust - 3
Septoria Leaf Blotch - 4
Tan Spot - 5
Yellow (Stripe) Rust - 5


Hard Red Winter

• Excellent Standability and Straw Strength
• Excellent Yield Potential
• Very Good Rust Resistance
• Early Maturity to Avoid Heat

WB-CEDAR – is a Hard Red Winter wheat variety with excellent yield potential,

as well as a good foliar disease package that includes very good resistance to Yellow(Stripe) Rust, Leaf Rust and Tan Spot.

This variety appeals most to growers with high-production systems because of its strong straw with exceptional yield potential.

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