217-92VT2PRIB Channel Seed Blend

Relative Maturity: 117

  • Full-season choice with excellent top-end yield potential
  • Widely adapted west to east in the 115-120 RM zones
  • Good late-season health including good stay green
  • Well suited to M to H planting rates but sustains yield potential at lower plant populations; very good performance potential over most soil types including sandy soils; adapted to most rotations but corn rootworm management required if follows corn


Greensnap 3
Root Strength 1
Stalk Strength 2
Drought Tolerance 3
Harvest Appearance 2
Drydown 4
Stay Green 2
Test Weight 2
Plant Height M
Ear Height M
Ear Flex (Grain Yield Per Plant) SF
 Seeding Vigor 2