3306R2 Channel Soybean Seed Brand

Relative Maturity: 3.3

  • Robust performance with SCN, good tolerance to IDC, WM, PRR and stress
  • Broadly adapted west to east with strong performance in loam soil types
  • Medium-tall, light tawny plant type that fits well in most environments
  • Great choice for IDC-, WM-, PRR-, and CR- prone fields; avoid areas where SDS could occur


Relative Maturity  3.3
Plant Type MB
Plant Height M
Growth Habit Indeterminate
Stress Tolerance 2
Standability 3
Flower Color W
Hilum Color Bl
Pubescence Color LtTw
Pod Color Br
Protein Content 13% 33.8
Oil Cotnent 13% 19.1