2808R2 Channel Soybean Seed Brand

Relative Maturity: 2.8

  • Impressive yield potential with a Rps1k/3a stack for PRR resistance
  • Broadly adapted where Late Maturity Group II soybeans are grown
  • Good no-till soybean with slightly better performance in narrow rows versus wide rows
  • SCN with a PRR stack; strong WM and IDC tolerance


Relative Maturity  2.8
Plant Type M
Plant Height M
Growth Habit Indeterminate
Stress Tolerance 2
Emergence 1
No-till Adaptability 1
Standability 2
Flower Color P
Hilum Color Bl
Pubescence Color LtTw
Pod Color Tn
Protein Content 13% 34.9
Oil Cotnent 13%  18.4